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Professional Chef Cook-Off

The winner of the Baconfest Professional Cooking Contest will receive a trophy and prize package trip to Napa including guest accommodations at the Villagio Inn and Spa in Yountville and Dinner for two at the world famous French Laundry restaurant.

Online Deadline for Recipe/Photo Submissions: Tuesday, August 15, 2017 at 5pm PST


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Ie. 1 lb bacon Trimmed with fat removed
Braising Liquid (if using sub-recipes include:) Ie. 4 oz Sake
Acceptable formats: jpg, png

Use the following tips to make sure we get a good photo of your recipe’s final presentation. Remember, we don’t want you or anyone else in the shot, just the food! The cameras will be focused on our 8 contenders on Sunday, Sept. 10th competing live and on-stage! You can be one of them.

  1. Hold the camera like a Camera: Point and shoot cameras are getting smaller & lighter by the day – hold your camera close to your body, not with your arms outstretched.
  2. Keep your Lens Clean – a soft cloth can wipe oil and dust off your lens.
  3. Don’t crop or zoom – Many cameras have a zoom function but simply keep the center of the entire plate in the frame.
  4. Skip the flash – Many cameras have a flash that is too strong. Use a natural light source.
  5. Make sure that your plate is in focus and hold the camera still or use a tripod.
  6. Remember not to have you or anyone else in the photo – just the food shot.

Pepper Bacon Poppers


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Amateur Cook-Off

Enter individually or as a team of two for your chance to win $3,000 in cash!

We’re looking for Amateur Chefs who aspire to be television Chef Superstars. And we’re looking for the best bacon recipes on the planet. If you’re an amateur with skill and have a personality with pizzazz, show us what you’re working with in a video for your chance to join a professional chef, live on stage Saturday, September 9th at our Amateur Cooking Contest! The personality and festival flare you show making the recipe in your video is just as important as making magic with the bacon in your recipe! Enter as an individual or with someone else as a team of two (eg. Father/Son; Mother/Daughter, BFFs.) The Amateur Cook-Off Contest is Mystery Basket Style, see rules below.

Fill out this form now and post a link to your video. You could win one of 8 slots on stage to compete for $3,000 in cash!

Online Deadline for Recipe/Video Submissions: Tuesday, August 15, 2017 at 5pm PST

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If you are bringing an assistant:
Ie. 1 lb bacon Trimmed with fat removed
Braising Liquid (if using sub-recipes include:) Ie. 4 oz Sake
Remember for your video clip, we’re looking for pizzazz in your personality as well as in your recipe! If you don’t have a YouTube account open one here: New to uploading? Here’s how to upload link for desktop and mobile devices:
jpg, gif, png

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